The Basics: An Ireland Divided

Modern day Ireland is divided into two separate countries: Northern Ireland, which remains a part of the United kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland, which makes up 5/6’s of Irelands landmass and is not a part of the United Kingdom. The capital and largest city of the north is Belfast, which holds 333 thousand of Northern Ireland’s population of  1.8 million. The Republic of Ireland is a country of 4.6 million and it’s largest city and capital is Dublin, which holds 527,000 people.

Ireland’s recent history has been of violent struggles between the Irish and the British, as well as between the mostly Catholic Republicans dominant in today’s Republic of Ireland and mostly Protestant Unionists/Loyalists in traditionally dominant in Northern Ireland.





About Me:

My name is Adam Papley.
I am 20 years of age and I am currently in my third year studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and Philosophy at The University of Melbourne.

This blog will be developed over the course of a semester for my subject ‘Traveling Smarter’, and will serve as a space for me to reflect as I study the political history of Ireland. I am particularly interested in this country as it is a place I will be visiting in my travels later this year. I am hoping to learn more about the troubles between the Protestants and Catholics, tensions between Ireland and Britain, the recent invigoration of the Irish economy and the division between the two Ireland’s that constitute the Ireland we know today.

Here’s to a great semester.